Environmental Monitoring

Water / Effluent Quality Analysis
Salinity, Total suspended Solids, Oil & Grease, Heavy Metals, E- Coli, Nitrate- N, Full Std A&B, River Water Interim Std, Drinking Water Std and etc.

Ground Water Quality
pH Value, Turbidity, Color, BOD, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Dissolved, TDS, Oil & Grease, Heavy Metals, Minerals, Aluminium, Cyanide, Fluoride, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phenols, CCE, Cgloroform, Organochloride Pestisides, VOC, SVOC, Herbicides-2,4 D, Alkalinity, Ammonia Nitrogen, Chloride, Chlorine, COD, Total Hardness, Calcium Hardness, Magnesium Hardness, Total Nitrogen, Sulphide, Coliform, E-Coli.

Air Quality
Particles- TSP / SPM, Respirable Particulate Matter – PM10, Dust Fall, Lead, NOX, SOX, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbon, VOC, Heavy Metals.

Sources Air Emission & Isokinetic Monitoring
Particulate Concentration, NOX, SOX, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen Content, Carbon Monoxide, Dark Smoke Observation.

Microbiological Analysis
Coliform, E Coli, Total Plate Count, Yeast, Mold, Staphylococcus Aureus, Vibrio Parahaemolyticus, Vibrio Chlerae, Salmonella.

Solids – Boiler Scales, Sludge, Slag, Clay, etc
pH Value, Moistur Content, Solids Content, Ash Content, Loss On Ignition, Oil & Grease, Organic / Inorganic Content, Sulphur / Sulphate/ Sulphide, Heavy Metals, Minerals, Aluminium, Boron, Cyanide, Phosphorus, Phosphate, Silica, Leaching Test.

OSHA Monitoring

Noise Monitoring
Point source determination, Floor mapping for pre control measure protocol

Hygiene Technician 1
Industrial Hygiene Requirements, Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Hygiene Technician 2
Industrial Hygiene Requirements, LEV , GEV

Chemical / Lead
Customized chemical exposure monitoring

Chemical Health Risk Assessment

EHS Training & Consultancy
Conduct customized or general training on EHS related issues. Consultancy on execution of relevant protocols

Air Pollution Control

Acid and toxic gases scrubbing

Dust Collector System
Filter bags system, Cyclones to filter dust

Exhaust Fans
Industrial Ventilation Systems

Ducting System
Thermoplastics or steel ducting systems

Maintenance and Servicing
Periodic Maintenance To Upkeep The Efficiency

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment
Detoxication, Neutralization, Percipitation, Caogulation, Flocculation, Sedimantation

Sludge Dewatering System
Filter Press, Flash dryer, Sludge Bed

Modular Skid Treatment System
Custom built with good area management

Liquid Waste Processor
Dryer/ Evaporation -Non Chemical method

Sludge Separation –DAF/ Clarifier
Custom design according to waste characteristics

Physical Filtration/Separation System
Reverse Osmosis, AC Filtration, Sand And Multimedia, Filtration

Biological filtration
Aeration- Aerobic and Anaerobic